• Scary • Sexy

    Life drawing meets the Afterlife

    Sexy • Art

    Expect more than sketches to Materialize

    Art • Magic

    Come in good spirits and meet Restless Spirits

  • Spirit Drawing will return.


    Sometime. Soon. Hopefully.


    Have you ever dreamed of attending an event where artists draw provacative live models alongside ghosts, demons and/or otherworldly beings?


    "Spirit Drawing" is a first-of-its-kind occult cabaret and bohemian art salon where practitioners and connoisseurs of the darker things in life can meet, mingle, and create.


    In Baby Tattoo’s secret lair within The Crooked Path Occult Apothecary


    2020 W. Magnolia Blvd

    Burbank, California


    $10 Cash at the Door

    Bring your own art supplies


    Presented by Bob Self & Baby Tattoo Books

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