• Scary • Sexy

    Life drawing meets the Afterlife

    Sexy • Art

    Expect more than sketches to Materialize

    Art • Magic

    Come in good spirits and meet Restless Spirits

  • Have you ever dreamed of attending an event where artists draw provacative live models alongside ghosts, demons and/or otherworldly beings?


    "Spirit Drawing" is a first-of-its-kind occult cabaret and bohemian art salon where practitioners and connoisseurs of the darker things in life can meet, mingle, and create.


    Late night every Tuesday

    10:00 PM ‘til Midnight


    In Baby Tattoo’s secret lair within The Crooked Path Occult Apothecary


    2020 W. Magnolia Blvd

    Burbank, California


    $10 Cash at the Door

    Bring your own art supplies


    Presented by Bob Self & Baby Tattoo Books

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